2021 - 🤖 Golem Super Bot

June / July 2021 GOLEM BOT;
The Golem bot project is a multi functional community management, security, gif and price bot. The Golem bot is a new generation dynamic telegram bot that offers its community automated direction to project specific content on platforms, such as:
  • Reddit - Golem will find any new posts on this platform and link the post thread directly to the Telegram channel for 48 hours encouraging the community to upvote and comment.
  • Twitter - Golem will find any new tweets from the official project twitter platform and directly link the tweet to the Telegram channel for 48 hours, encouraging the community to like, retweet and comment!
  • 4chan - Golem will locate any new 4chan threads about the project and repost reminders within the Telegram channel to the thread every 5 minutes to encourage the community to continue bumping the post.
Links to the following project specific pages will also be included on the bot post:
  • Coinsniper
  • Gemhunter
  • Stockwits
  • Gemfinder
  • BscHunter
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko
Directing a community to trend a project can become very powerful, in particular with larger communities which have substantial followings. The Golem bot will also include standard price bot duties, gif posting and a security protocol to defend against Telegram group bot flooding.
The Golem bot will also be available through Brewlabs as part of its IDO platform offering. Users will be able to parcel the Golem bot with their project launch. Golem can also be found on the Bot Yard marketplace as a compartmentalised bot product. Users will be able to select what functions they would find most appropriate for their community. The complete Golem bot product will also be available on Bot Yard, inclusive of all functions.