2021 - ⚗️ Brewlabs

October / November 2021 - Brewlabs
Our flagship 2021 utility tool, Brewlabs is planned to be a unique Binance Smart Chain IDO platform which will offer verified and unverified Binance Smart Chain project launches.
Brewlabs Launchpad Platform
Verified IDOs will be designed for developers who wish to doxx themselves to build integrity prior to the project launch. We will have an internal verification process that certifies legitimate token launches inclusive of code audit to combat scammers and honeypots protecting our cryptocurrency community members.
Unverified IDOs will still be listed on Brewlabs and will be available for the public to contribute too at their own risk. Our automated internal code audit will assist in identifying malicious contracts.
Brewlabs will also offer developers a platform to post about their project in detail whilst offering the community the chance to vote and provide feedback. Voters will need to hold Healing Potion to participate in the voting of launches.
Brewlabs Liquidity Lock Platform - Freezer
We also plan to offer a liquidity locking platform within Brewlabs.
Brewlabs Charting Platform
Brewlabs will be a public charting tool that will operate simultaneously with the IDO launch component providing users with real time token launch data on the BSC network. Brewlabs will also allow all of our community members and IDO contributors to chart immediately after their IDO’s have been launched.
Trending lists, user hotlists, user trade records and more will be available to holders of the Healing Potion token on this platform.
Brewlabs Mapping Platform
Brewlabs will also offer all cryptocurrency enthusiasts a mapping platform to view all cryptocurrency products on their native network in list format with all token data available. We will launch this component of Brewlabs for the Binance Smart Chain Network first to allow our users to scroll through the projects on the Binance Smart Chain in a simple interactive format, this will allow users to sort projects on the Binance Smart Chain by market cap, trading volume, age etc.
All the data available to assist the community in making informed decisions when searching small caps, DEFI projects, medium/large caps. The goal of the Brewlabs mapping tool is to help protect the community from scams, honeypots and abandoned projects. Community members will be able to vote on each BSC listed project when holding the Healing Potion Token.
The Brewlabs mapping platform will also contain a cryptocurrency calculator and portfolio tracker.