2022 - 🚧 Product Collective

A number of products and marketplaces have been placed into the 2022 roadmap. These products and marketplaces are considered to be ambitious projects with outstanding potential.
This roadmap will become more apparent as we approach 2022.
  • Secret Project - Industry - Gaming
    • BSC
  • Crowbar Protocol - Industry - 3D Printing
    • BSC
  • Lighthouse - Industry - Creative
    • BSC
Project names are subject to change.*
Time frames for these projects are unknown and will be further refined based on the progress of the 2021 product release. All Healing Potion projects will be released on the Brewlabs IDO platform. All Healing Potion holders will be given the opportunity to take part in the release of our 2022 product line prior to any public capital raising.
Franchise Contract; All 2022 products will fall under franchise products unless otherwise decided by the Healing Potion team. Find out more about Healing Potion franchise contracts and how they work here.​