What is Healing Potion?
What is Healing Potion?
Built upon the Binance Smart Chain network Healing Potion project will offer the cryptocurrency community a range of marketplaces, dAPP’s, products, services, franchise projects, NFT’s and merchandise. At its core Healing Potion can be classified as a centralised decentralised finance (CeDeFi) utility token. How does the Healing Potion contract work?
The Healing Potion contract is a frictionless yield generating contract that as a primary function offers holders the benefit of passive gains via a transaction tax as a reward for holding the token. The redistribution rewards are generated from transaction taxes applied on each transaction whether it be a buy/sell/transfer that takes place. This tax is 7% on each transaction. There is a secondary function of the contract that also includes a common transaction tax that automatically contributes liquidity to the liquidity pool for the token economy. This tax is 5% on each transaction.
Healing Potion; the total tax per transaction (buy/sell/transfer) is 12.00%. Be sure to take this tax into consideration when transacting with this token contract.
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