• 1,000,000,000,000,000 $HPPOT
  • 30% of supply burnt (sent to dead address)
  • 5,000,000,000,000 transaction limit per transaction
  • Deflationary economy with 12% total tax:
    • 7% of transactions are redistributed to holders
    • 5% of transactions are sent to the liquidity pool (burned).
  • Liquidity locked to 2025
  • Contract renounced
  • Stealth launch
  • No presale
Healing Potion Road Map
Quarter 2
  • Establish the Healing Potion Whitepaper and viral growth strategy
  • Commission NFT artists and initial Healing Potion NFT creations
  • Establish a marketing campaign, including Poocoin, Unirocket, influencers and Tiktok marketing.
  • Establish the unique burn cycle
  • Launch the Healing Potion website
  • Launch Twitter
  • Launch the Discord channel
  • Launch on Pancake Swap
  • Establish fortnightly developer AMA/Medium Posts
  • Have an independent audit conducted
  • Apply to Coingecko
  • Apply to Coinmarketcap
  • Apply to Whitebit Exchange
  • Apply to Blockfolio
  • Explore Twitch gaming channel collaborations
  • Establish collaborative NFT projects with BSC projects
  • Commence development on the Brewlabs Charting Product
  • Release the Golem bot for commercial use
Quarter 3
  • Release merchandise
  • Release Bot Yard Marketplace
  • Competitions via Twitter promotions
  • Billboards
  • Appoint professional web development services to revamp the Healing Potion website
  • Revisit the whitepaper to improve and flesh out content
  • Commence development on the Brewlabs IDO platform for verified and unverified BSC projects
  • Commission Potion Lab NFT Collection 1000 x Unique Potion/Fantasy NFT creation
  • DOXX team
  • Establish corporate entity
  • Update the roadmap
Quarter 4
  • Beta Cauldron product to be tested and released
  • Release Brewlabs IDO advertising avenues, allowing developers to buy advertising space on the Moonforge app.
  • Update the 2022 roadmap to include the Moonswap and Moonmap products.
  • Explore CEX listings
  • Explore gaming possibilities
  • Pair with the creative industry for capital raising ventures, providing bag holders with the opportunity to fund indie or home brew creative projects
  • Announce the special project - "Bastion"