1,000,000,000,000,000 $HPPOT
    30% of supply burnt (sent to dead address)
    5,000,000,000,000 transaction limit per transaction
    Deflationary economy with 12% total tax:
      7% of transactions are redistributed to holders
      5% of transactions are sent to the liquidity pool (burned).
    Liquidity locked to 2025
    Contract renounced
    Stealth launch
    No presale
Healing Potion Road Map
Quarter 2
    Establish the Healing Potion Whitepaper and viral growth strategy
    Commission NFT artists and initial Healing Potion NFT creations
    Establish a marketing campaign, including Poocoin, Unirocket, influencers and Tiktok marketing.
    Establish the unique burn cycle
    Launch the Healing Potion website
    Launch Twitter
    Launch the Discord channel
    Launch on Pancake Swap
    Establish fortnightly developer AMA/Medium Posts
    Have an independent audit conducted
    Apply to Coingecko
    Apply to Coinmarketcap
    Apply to Whitebit Exchange
    Apply to Blockfolio
    Explore Twitch gaming channel collaborations
    Establish collaborative NFT projects with BSC projects
    Commence development on the Brewlabs Charting Product
    Release the Golem bot for commercial use
Quarter 3
    Release merchandise
    Release Bot Yard Marketplace
    Competitions via Twitter promotions
    Appoint professional web development services to revamp the Healing Potion website
    Revisit the whitepaper to improve and flesh out content
    Commence development on the Brewlabs IDO platform for verified and unverified BSC projects
    Commission Potion Lab NFT Collection 1000 x Unique Potion/Fantasy NFT creation
    DOXX team
    Establish corporate entity
    Update the roadmap
Quarter 4
    Beta Cauldron product to be tested and released
    Release Brewlabs IDO advertising avenues, allowing developers to buy advertising space on the Moonforge app.
    Update the 2022 roadmap to include the Moonswap and Moonmap products.
    Explore CEX listings
    Explore gaming possibilities
    Pair with the creative industry for capital raising ventures, providing bag holders with the opportunity to fund indie or home brew creative projects
    Announce the special project - "Bastion"
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