Franchise Contracts

Franchise contracts are a new concept in the decentralised finance space which Healing Potion hope to claim as a founding pioneer. A franchise contract, as defined by Healing Potion, will be a term used whereby a project or token release which is created and managed by the Healing Potion team will pay a transactional buy tax to Healing Potion via a function of the contract. For example; the team Healing Potion will release Crowbar in 2022 which within its tokenomics will contain a taxed auto BNB redistribution model. As part of that BNB redistribution, BNB will be used to process a 1% buy on Healing Potion for every transaction within the Crowbar contract. This 1% purchase will then distribute Healing Potion token to the Crowbar wallet holder.
Similar to a real-world franchise tax, the Healing Potion core team will launch external projects and brands which will continue to reward Healing Potion holders passively as external projects establish their own communities and purpose. Ideally, Healing Potion will sit at the centre of the ecosystem with a number of projects paying the franchise tax continually. We believe this franchise strategy defines Healing Potion as one of the very first centralised decentralised finance projects (CeDeFI).