🕯️ Healing Potion Whitepaper 🕯️

Warning: Healing Potion, its tokenised economy and subsequent product line are in alpha stages. We encourage our readers and potential supporters to always do your own research when considering new token launches.
It is I, your local potion seller! Some of my customers have recently asked about my potent brews and their recipes! No sane potion seller would ever disclose their ingredients! Begone!
Oh, I kid, of course you can learn about my brews! In fact, let me chug this new potion that I have been brewing, a Potion of Foresight! It will be my first taste, so be sure to put me out of my misery if things turn bad... GLUG...!!
Healing Potion Token is the cryptocurrency for the Healing Potion Project on the Binance Smart Chain Network.
Tokenised "Moonshot" projects across the Binance Smart Chain Network are being manufactured daily, some legitimate operations, others with malicious intent. Sadly, it is now more common than ever that fraudulent developers are launching the latter with the intention of scamming or abandoning projects for financial gain at the cost of others. Realistically, these types of "Moonshot" projects will continue to become more and more popular driven by the viral success of projects such as Safemoon and Elongate. The Healing Potion project has been created to offer utility tools to assist the "Moonshot" community to identify the legitimate projects from the fraudulent.
Why Healing Potion? Because its time to regen those losses!
Like many others in the cryptocurrency community space, our team have been victim to scams, honeypots, rug pulls and developers abandoning projects. We have also found that projects that were at first mildly successful, have ended up failing due to teams that lacked experienced commercial leadership. These types of results have been unsatisfactory for investors and detrimental to the entire cryptocurrency community. The Binance Smart Chain is also starting to attract a negative reputation due to the number of fraudulent projects that are listed on the network.
We decided that something needed to be done.
The culture and community attached to the Binance Smart Chain network deserve a legitimate, driven and structured project for people to take part in, a project that they could trust and build their wealth with.
The Healing Potion unified project will:
  • Establish a fun Fantasy NFT/gaming powered community, with proceeds donated to art houses, creators or charities.
  • Seek to provide verified insight and information about upcoming "Moonshot" projects, assisting the community to identify which projects are legitimate and which are scams.
  • Establish a user- friendly research platform via charting tools as part of our Brewlabs product.
  • Establish a verified IDO launchpad for upcoming cryptocurrency projects also within Brewlabs.
  • Provide a platform for legitimate developers to reach their target audience.
  • Seek to educate new individuals entering the DEFI "Moonshot" space.
  • Offer a world-first complete package multidex which will combine both a currency DEX and an NFT marketplace, commercially named the Cauldon.
  • Launch a funding platform for production houses. The world needs as much creativity as possible!
  • Launch a number of ambitious projects/products in the cryptocurrency space
The team behind Healing Potion project have real world commercial and entrepreneurial experience to guide this project and community in the successful direction it deserves. The development team will not renounce the project, therefore supporting the community the development and future of the Healing Potion project.